Hope Water Project - 2020 Fundraising

Dave VanEpps’ Fundraising Page

January 01, 2020 to December 31, 2021

My Hope Water Project (HWP) journey started in 2014, and at the time I was feeling called to take up the sport of triathlon to raise money for HWP. Since that time, I've participated in multiple HWP endurance events each year. There have been times when I've felt at my breakpoint, and I've wanted to quit. It's in those dark moments that I went back to my "why." Our under-resourced brothers and sisters in Kenya have their own endurance events - they're called survival. In order to survive, they often need to walk hours every day to obtain dirty, disease-ridden water, which keeps them alive. I run to raise money that builds life-saving wells for the Pokot people in Kenya. My 2020 endurance racing calendar has already been disrupted by Covid-19, but that's not an excuse to quit. While Ironman Tulsa has been canceled, I have created a full-distance Ironman course that I will be racing on June 5th. I will also compete in a to-be-determined marathon or ultra-marathon in the fall. However, more important than the actual races is the training. Training is when I put in the hard miles, I pray and think about how blessed we are to live in the US, I pray for our brothers and sisters in Kenya, and I use this opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with my fellow athletes. Please join me on my 2020 journey. Join prayerfully, join physically (anytime you want to swim, bike, or run with me, just let me know), or join financially. I feel abundantly blessed to have you on my team...

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