Hope Water Project - 2021 Fundraising

Brian Welsbacher’s Fundraising Page

May 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Hello friends, I'm so excited for in-person races to return this year and another opportunity to run for the Pokot people. I'm planning to run two races that I had scheduled for last year - the Chicago and Detroit half marathons! I would love to use this opportunity to raise money for clean water for the Pokot people of western Kenya. We are very close to funding three new wells this year and you can help us reach this goal with your generous donation. These three wells will provide clean water and life to thousands of people. Without wells, the Pokot women spend much of their day searching for water for their families. With no clean water they are at high risk of disease. Clean water wells allow villages to flourish, healthy families, children are able to attend school and communities and churches are formed - many lives are saved! I was blessed to be able to visit them in 2019 and see this firsthand. It was a beautiful experience and the Pokot deserve access to clean water and we can help provide this for them. Thank you for opening your heart and considering making a donation to this cause. God bless!

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