Hope Water Project - 2021 Fundraising

Jackie Darnell’s Fundraising Page

May 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

I am so excited to be part of The Hope Water Project fundraise this year. I will be walking the half marathon in the Detroit Marathon on Sun., October 17th. I have never walked this distance before, but I have been training with the goal of raising money to build wells in Northwest Kenya- so the beautiful Pokot people can have clean water. I have been to the Pokot area on a medical mission trip with the Kensington Community Church in 2019. I saw first hand how the families who lived near wells were stronger and healthier. Clean water saves lives and gives people the opportunity to use more of their time to attend schools( instead of traveling for hours to search for clean water & many times only able to find dirty water). As a result of having clean water I witnessed first hand the joy on the children's faces who attended school and were able to share their knowledge learned with us and also sing beautiful praises to God for us. If you feel nudged to donate for a new well it will be greatly appreciated by many, many people and children of God.

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