2018-2019 Internship Program

Jake Farnsworth’s Fundraising Page

August 13, 2018 to June 07, 2019

During these next 10 months I’m going to be participating in an internship with Kensington church. Honestly, I would have never thought I would be here. As some of you know, I have faced some struggles over the past year. I really could have gone in a totally different direction. Basically the wrong direction. However, I ended up spending more time with a group of friends that spent a lot of time at Kensington and God did the rest. Over the past year God has blessed me with an amazing gathering of community in my life, a lot of which came from the 18/29 ministry that I became involved in. I felt drawn to do more and take the next step in my faith, but I didn’t know how. Then, like an answer to my prayers I heard about an opportunity to work with the church as an intern, so I applied. Once I got the internship I was really excited, I knew it was God opening up a door for me!

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