2018-2019 Internship Program

Carrie Johnson’s Fundraising Page

August 13, 2018 to June 07, 2019

After several months of praying, I have decided to step away from my job as a teacher! I have been a teacher for over 8 years now, and I have loved being able to share my heart onto the students, parents, and staff. But, I have been presented with an amazing opportunity. For the past several months, I have felt like God has wanted me to take my love and passion for students and the inner city community and show me how that fits into the world of church ministry. I am taking one large step of faith, and will be joining the internship team at Kensington Church this August! My hope is that down the road, I will be able to use what I’ve learned during my 8 years of teaching along with the skills I will gain in this internship, to pursue whatever new path God has for me helping the church in their new Move Out program.

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