2018-2019 Internship Program

Jamie Holbrook’s Fundraising Page

August 13, 2018 to June 07, 2019

Bill and I and our 2 daughters have lived in Troy for 4 years now and I work as a nurse part-time and stay-home mom. Over the last few years, through various griefs and challenges, I have felt God working in my heart in new ways. In a nutshell, I believe that God wants me to apply myself to learning how to use more of my resources and wiring to help the church. Insert Kensington Church’s Intern Program. First off, I am keeping my current nursing position and will still be the primary caregiver to our daughters. During my 10-month part-time internship at Kensington I will spend a portion of my time in a classroom-learning environment where we’ll cover topics on theology, ministry skills, and personal growth – taught by some of the best leaders in the area. The bulk of my time however will be spent doing hands-on work in the church’s Help Bank and Campus Care Provider ministries, being mentored by Pam Woloson, a seasoned Kensington staff member and someone I am really excited to learn from!

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