2018-2019 Internship Program

Karly Thayer’s Fundraising Page

August 13, 2018 to June 07, 2019

Starting in August, I will be participating in a second-year internship! I came to this decision after talking with one of my mentors a few months ago after our team had gone through a lot of change and adversity. Because of everything we went through last year, our team has gotten a lot closer, and I've been experiencing a ton of growth recently. I'm excited to continue being on mission with them, and to keep using our combined talents and creative minds to help bring people more near to Jesus. During my internship last year, I was able to step out of my comfort zone a bit and help out with events and projects that went beyond the normal weekend services. I was able to serve on the production teams within student ministries and 18/29, be a part of the Christmas and Easter holiday services, help out with a couple different events we held at the Strand Theatre in Pontiac, run lights for the Move Out conference the Troy campus hosted earlier this year, and help run tech at SpringHill during the WILD and Smash48 retreats. I believe the skills I learned and the events I worked last year, paired with the additional experiences and teaching I will have this year, will help me get even closer to my dream of one day having a career in live production

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