Kenya Medical / September 11-25, 2021

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Mark Paschall
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Cost of the trip is $3800 with $400 a non-refundable deposit due at application.

Registration closed on Thursday, April 15, 2021

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September 11, 2021 to September 25, 2021
This trip focuses on mobile medical clinics as a way to support the work of the Pokot pastors of northwest Kenya and paves the way for the local evangelists to reach new people who may have never heard the Good News of the Gospel. Our travels begin with a flight to Nairobi and continue with a 1-2 day drive into the bush to our base camp, where we will stay in dormitory style living arrangements. From there, we will be traveling 1-2 hours "off-road" in 4-wheel drive vehicles to reach the meeting spot for the daily clinics. For many of the Pokot, this will be the first medical care they have ever received and so news of our arrival spreads quickly, and it is not uncommon to have a "waiting room" of several hundred people. The team needs both medical and non-medical members and the workload is equally shared by all. This is an amazing opportunity to see the love of Christ acted out daily. Local church leaders will build on our efforts to alleviate suffering and use this as a bridge to show God's care and love for the Pokot. Come be a part of this incredible partnership!

Located in northwestern Kenya, Pokot Outreach Ministry seeks to address the spiritual and physical needs of the Pokot people. Julius and Rachel Murgor work with the Pokot people of northwest Kenya. This ministry has been reaching more and more of this people group each year for many years. The primary emphasis is to bring the Gospel to each Pokot, through evangelistic services under trees in the bush, establishing churches and training indigenous leaders and pastors.

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