2021-2022 Internship Program

Jillian Lyne’s Internship

June 01, 2021 to June 12, 2022

I have spent the last year and a half sheltering in place with the rest of the world. And as if a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough excitement, I had been quite literally fighting for my life. When my original plan to intern at Kensington church fell through in 2019, I was uncertain what the Lord had in store for that season of my life. In the following months I became extremely ill, spending extended periods of time in and out of the hospital and fighting for a diagnosis. I was forced to leave my vocational path to focus on my health. I have felt the Lord’s leading towards the Kensington internship for quite some time. As I continue to grow and heal, the graciousness of my Heavenly Father has become abundantly clear in my life. Having the opportunity to once again pursue the internship has reminded me how faithful the Lord is to bring His children right back to where they need to be. I am committed to surrendering these next ten months fully to the Lord, trusting that He will continue to guide me as He has been so faithful to do in the past. For the next ten months I will be serving as a discipleship intern at Kensington Church. During my 10-month internship, I will spend part of my time in a classroom-learning environment where we’ll cover topics on theology, ministry skills, and personal growth. I will be working in the Discipleship Department at Kensington, with Rebecca Sassak as my mentor. I’m excited about the opportunity to be stretched, to step outside of my comfort zone and allow myself to be used as effectively as possible.

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