Baptism | August 2019

For 2000 years Christians have been baptized to declare to the world that they are believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Taking "the plunge" is a significant step on your spiritual journey and we look forward to celebrating it with you.

This is a family event and we've got a fantastic service planned (7-8:30pm) with great worship, a message, and live baptisms. Baptisms will take place in pools set up on an elevated stage so that everyone can easily watch with the beautiful lake as our backdrop.

Additional Need to Knows:
Check In will begin at 5:30pm
Bring blankets or chairs for comfortable seating
Metropark entrance fee is $10.00 per car
Invite your friends and family!

Clarkston Campus

Stacy Mallard

Stony Creek Metropark

Date / Time

Registration closed on Thursday, August 1, 2019

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