Baby Dedication Parent Class

This class is for parents who would like to learn more about dedicating or baptizing their child at Kensington Church.

The Baby Dedication/Baptism Ceremony is appropriate for babies and young children up to age four. You do not need to be a member of Kensington, but we ask that you are a regular attender.

The first step is attending this required Parent Class. This one-hour class is an informal discussion about the Biblical basis for baptizing or dedicating your child, how the two options are similar and different, and what you can expect from Kensington's ceremony. Questions are encouraged. You can have your child/children in the Nursery or Kids program during the class. At the class you will also receive information on registering for an upcoming ceremony.

Traverse City Parent Classes will last for 30 minutes and childcare will not be available due to taking place after services have finished.

Orion Troy

December 15 @ 12:45pm

December 8 @ 12:00pm

February 16 @ 1:00pm

January 5, @ 12:00pm

May 3 @ 1:00pm

March 22 @ 12:00pm

August 23 @ 1:00pm

June 7 @ 12:00pm

October 18 @ 1:00pm

September 6 @ 12:00pm
Birmingham Clinton Township

January 12 @ 11:15am

December 8 @ 12:30pm

Traverse City Clarkston

Troy Campus

Kristen Sowles

1825 E. Square Lake Rd. Troy, MI 48085

Date / Time
Please enter your name and information, your spouse's name, and your child's complete name and birth date.

Both parents are strongly encouraged to attend the Parent Class, but only one person in the family needs to complete this online registration process.

Registration closed on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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