Latin America/ January 12-19, 2019

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Karen Nicholas
(248) 786-0622

Registration closed on Saturday, December 1, 2018

January 12, 2019 to January 19, 2019
Latin America
THIS TRIP IS FULL: This team will be working with our partner in Latin America, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to people in their homes through door-to-door evangelism.

In 2007, C4C began to emphasize a 1st Century church-planting model that built on the proliferation of small, Spirit-led house churches. This movement is now widely accepted and is sweeping across the island. Pastors, evangelists, and leaders of 23 denominations are strategically moving from province to province and municipality to municipality starting house churches. C4C is committed to reaching the entire nation and all its people for Christ.

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